What types of cleaning services?

We have years of experience with removing day use dirt, stains caused by unpleasant paint or oil spills; food scraps or stains; animal dirt; allergens; sand and much more.

In our experience, we have to dealt with a lot of spot removals and we are ready to face any challenge, in Carpets, Rugs, Mattresses and Upholstery such as furniture, car seats, among others.

Why choose us?

High quality service

We deliver our work with the highest quality, using advanced equipment and products, a dedicated and specialized team and delivering the best result for homes, offices and companies.

Cost benefit

We are able to deliver the results you need at the best price on the market and with the desired quality. Our methods and solutions also prevent or reduce the risk of mold or dirt for you to have a healthy and safe environment at home.

Years of experience

Over the years, we have perfected our carpet cleaning techniques. Our cleaning experts can easily remove stains, animal odors and deep dirt, regardless of the material you have in your home.


Some cleaning products can be abrasive and toxic, causing damage to the environment and your health. We take care to use natural and ecological products with special equipment for safe cleaning.